Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Donald Trump Elected President of the United States

BREAKING: Republican Presidential nominee Donald Trump has won the US presidential election, defeating Democrat Hillary Clinton. Trump currently is projected to win 275 votes.

More details to follow.

BREAKING: Trump Becomes Frontrunner to Win Election

Republican Donald Trump has carried Florida, Ohio, North Carolina, and is projected to win Iowa and the traditionally blue state of Wisconsin. If he carries the rest of the states Mitt Romney carried in 2012 (which according to the New York Times, he has a good chance to do so [Arizona], he will win 269 electoral votes, tying him with Clinton should she win the rest of the states. If such a scenario occurs, the election will go to the House of Representatives.

Trump is still competitive in Michigan, Pennsylvania, Minnesota, New Hampshire, Nevada, and Maine's Second Congressional District.

Red represents states Trump has won or is
favored to win. Blue represents Clinton-favoring or -won
states. Gray states represent too close to call states
Purple states are states in which the election has not been called yet
(Trump is favored to win Alaska and Clinton in Hawaii based
on polling). Trump has 269 votes from the red states and
Alaska, Clinton 211 from the blue states and Hawaii, with
57 from tossups.
Courtesy of RealClearPolitics Map Creator

Election Day 2016: How It's Shaping Up

With the polls closing across the US in just a matter of hours, let's take a look at the current situation in the race for the White House:

We see Donald Trump as favored to win in Ohio, Iowa, Arizona, and Georgia. Clinton is favored in New Mexico, Colorado, Minnesota, Wisconsin, and Virginia. That leaves the following as swing states: Michigan, Pennsylvania, New Hampshire, North Carolina, Nevada, and Florida, along with Maine's Second Congressional District.

In this projection, Clinton has 232 electoral votes,
Trump 215, with 91 in the air
Courtesy of RCP Map Creator
Trump needs to win nearly every swing state to win the Presidency, while Clinton needs to win only a couple (in the case of winning Florida, only one) to win. This places Trump in a precarious position, but by no means an impossible one.

Of note, winning each state is likely not an independent outcome, in other words, a win in Michigan will likely signal a strong Trump night, making the chances of his victory higher than they otherwise would be. Likewise, if Trump loses North Carolina (a traditionally Republican state), it would forecast a tough night for Trump looming ahead.

Clinton, who has led Trump in nationwide polls since August, has grown her lead over Trump in the past few days, albeit slightly. Trump has made headway in many of the battleground states amid the renewed investigation into Clinton's emails, which the FBI Director said Sunday would not result in any charges. His poll climb may have come too late to save the billionaire's presidential prospects however, as Clinton seeks to become the first female President.

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Saturday, November 5, 2016

Down to the Wire: Trump Coming to Within Striking Distance of Clinton

Our current take on the presidential race. Blue states represent
states where Clinton has the advantage (darker shades indicate she
has a greater advantage); red states are where Trump has an advantage).
Gray states indicate tossups.
Courtesy: RealClearPolitics Map Editor
His campaign essentially written off less than a month ago, Donald Trump is closing in on Hillary Clinton in numerous battleground states even as he lags behind in the national popular vote polls. Trump now is leading in Iowa, Ohio, Arizona, and Georgia, and has gained in nearly every other battleground state, leading some of the polls in states such as North Carolina, Florida, and Nevada. Trump is even running close in New Hampshire, which is seen as part of Clinton's firewall to maintain her 270 electoral votes needed to win.

View the Real Clear Politics polling averages for the individual states by clicking here and clicking on each state to view the averages. The FiveThirtyEight site also lists state polls upon clicking on each state.

The news is not all bad for Clinton, who continues to lead in the national polls and continues to see leads in some of the polls in the battleground states. However, the idea that the race would have become this competitive just days before election day was not seen as likely just three weeks ago during the debates and the fallout of the Access Hollywood tape.

Some of the decline can likely be attributed to the new FBI investigation in Clinton's emails, stemming from a probe into former Democratic congressman Anthony Weiner's sexting, one of the recipients being a fifteen year old girl. Authorities have subpoenaed his laptop to search for any classified or otherwise official State department emails stored on its hard drive.

Also to note, Weiner is the estranged husband of Clinton's assistant and vice campaign chair Huma Abedin.

Thursday, November 3, 2016

Cubs Win First World Series Since 1908, Ending 108 Year Old Drought

Chicago Cubs players celebrate following their 8-7
victory against the Cleveland Indians in Game of the
World Series
Credit: AP/David J. Phillip
The Chicago Cubs defeated the Cleveland Indians Thursday night in Game 7 of the World Series. Coming back from a 3-1 game deficit, the Cubs won three games in a row to make a comeback, culminating in a 8-7 win in a game extending to 10 innings. The two teams played in Cleveland for Game 7 at Progressive Field.

The Cubs last appeared in a World Series in 1945, and have not won the championship since 1908. The 108-year-old period was the longest sports title drought for any team in history.

The Cubs built up a 6-3 lead by the eighth inning, though 3 runs in the bottom of the eighth tied the game until the top of the tenth, in which the Cubs scored two runs. The Indians failed to catch up, only scoring one in the bottom of the tenth.

The game also experienced a rain delay which extended the game between the ninth and tenth innings.